Hancock Center For Creative Arts Therapies - Caroline


You took the first step! Welcome and congratulations! You found the Hancock Center as a resource for creative arts therapies, it’s so nice you are here! Every new beginning holds the magic of unfolding uncounted possibilities. When you engage with Dance Movement Therapy, I am here to move along with you! We move, we listen, we release, we contract, we are still or loud, we balance, float, we move what wants to be moved, through the body and within ourselves. We may use props like balance boards, balls, scarves, mats, build forts or towers, or engage in relaxation. Whatever we choose to do, I look forward to moving with you! Let’s use your skills to learn to be gentle with yourself and to feel your very own strengths.


I am a certified Dance Movement Therapist (BTD) with an equivalent master's degree, a state-certified Prevention and Rehabilitation Educator, and a Naturopathic Psychotherapy Practitioner. I worked as a mental health provider, educator, and choreographer with all ages for institutions like dance studios, psychiatric and psychosomatic hospitals, a center for eating disorders, and in private practice. Supporting social-emotional skills, as well as healthy interactions between care takers and children are dear to my heart. I like to meet clients where they are, based on their strengths and resources. After working at a residential facility for a few years, being part of the Hancock Center fills me with pleasure and joy. Let’s move!