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Hancock Center is a unique non-profit organization in downtown Madison, WI. The center provides dance/ movement therapy services and health and wellness education on-site and in the community.

Dance / Movement Therapy

Dance/Movement Therapy (DMT) is an innovative form of psychotherapy which works with the whole person integrating movement, creative process, and verbal communication. The connection of body and mind is the basis of DMT, which aims to further self-expression, healing, personal growth, and the treatment of physical, neurological, and social issues.


Empowering Individuals, Enhancing Communities

Black Lives Matter

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It's Up to Us

Hancock Center stands in support of our Asian-American community and against racial injustice and racial violence. As a partner agency with United Way of Dane County, Hancock Center supports President and CEO Renee Moe's personal statement: "We believe Black Lives Matter, know that Hispanic and Latinx community members have been amongst the hardest hit by the pandemic, that Indigenous, Asian and LGBTQ+ and disabled community members are often invisible while at the same time facing significant exclusion and hatred, and that all low-income community members (who are majority white) face education, housing, income and health barriers like all groups. And, we know that we need each other to have a strong community, build understanding and make progress." We at Hancock Center stand together with United Way of Dane County and other organizations and individuals in our community to "face [our] biases and the realities of [our] privilege, and challenge [ourselves] and those around us to treat all with compassion and humanity. ... Because...while the issues sparked by centuries of racism and the resulting inequities might not be our fault, they are our responsibility. And it’s up to us to change how we treat each other."

Grants and donations make it possible for Hancock Center to offer a sliding fee scale for therapy services upon request. Contact us by email or call (608) 251-0908.

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