Robyn Lending Halsten

Farewell Robyn, with Love and Gratitude

After 27 years at the Hancock Center, dance/movement therapist Robyn Lending Halsten has moved on from Madison to start her next life phase in St. Paul, MN. Robyn has a small private practice there in addition to providing clinical consultation to therapists. She is keeping her Wisconsin license (LPC) and will additionally pursue licensure in Minnesota. Robyn maintains her role with HC by providing clinical supervision and consultation to the HC therapy staff and attending the Board meetings to provide insight and consultation.

Robyn has been a wonderful force in the center's functioning and spirit, in her colleagues' work, her clients' personal therapy work, and in HC's relationships within our local community and the larger DMT community. She has been generous with her personal support, love for the center, and authenticity. We are very sad to to say goodbye and will miss her tremendously.

Robyn is a dynamic and compassionate clinician who worked with many populations, indiviudally and in small groups. She brings her breadth of experience in psychotherapy practice to the fore in her DMT work with clientele, particularly working with trauma survivors. She has insight and moves forward with integrity, setting the standard and tone for the whole Hancock Center staff. It was a fitting development that she would become the center's first Clinical Director. In this role she also drew from her instincts and professionalism to oversee correct messaging and presentation about HC services and DMT theory, practice and efficacy. She assured correct compliance and procedure in administrative operations that dealt with client and clinical issues, and demonstrated sensitivity to client issues throughout the Center's operations.

Robyn avidly pursues her continued development as a professional and responsible service provider. Besides her training and credentialing in DMT, she received training in Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS) and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. She received certification as an IFS therapist and gained state licensure as a professional counselor.

Over the years, Robyn developed and implemented a variety of programming in collaboration with other therapists for the center. She is a natural networker and HC benefitted from her advocacy of the center and the dance therapy field. She provided many outreach trainings, in-services, lectures and panels to professional communities and the public both nationally and internationally. Robyn served three terms on the credentialing committee of the American Dance Therapy Association and presented at the national conferences. She co-authored a chapter on dance/movement therapy and trauma included in a published series on the Creative Arts Therapies. Robyn continues to co-present on the the combined use of IFS and DMT models.

We wish Robyn all the best as she forges new waters. We trust that she will continue to bring love, creativity, good humor and healing to her new community in the same way she has with all of us over the past few decades.