Rena Kornblum Retires


Rena Kornblum, MCAT, BC-DMT, DTRL, long-time dance/movement therapist at Hancock Center for Dance/Movement Therapy, Inc., has retired as of June 30, 2018. Rena has been a part of Hancock Center (HC) since its beginning years in Madison, WI, providing both service and support. Rena has grown with the center and the staff while in varied roles, and she will remain a part of Hancock Center’s legacy.

In 1987 dance therapist Deborah Thomas, founder and Executive Director of the Hancock Center for Movement Arts & Therapies, Inc., hired Rena to be a staff dance/movement therapist. Rena developed the Child and Family program at Hancock Center, offering movement based social skills groups for children at HC and in community centers, therapeutic groups for children with special needs, and working with children and families in private dance/movement therapy (DMT) sessions at HC.

In 1993 HC began to provide dance/movement therapy for children in the Madison public schools. Soon thereafter Rena was also leading movement classes for both students and their teachers in the peer classrooms of the therapy children, teaching social skills and violence prevention activities in order to deal with behaviors that challenged the learning environment. Thus grew HC’s In-School Therapy and Violence Prevention Program which continues to serve multiple schools in the Madison Metropolitan School District, supported in part by a grant from United Way of Dane County. With HC’s support and collaboration, Rena developed the curriculum for these prevention classes and published "Disarming the Playground, Violence Prevention through Movement and Pro-Social Skills," as a book, workbook and two training videos for sale.

In 2005 Rena took on the mantel of Executive Director when Debby Thomas retired from the post, leading the Hancock Center for eleven years.

Rena has presented and provided trainings and in-services to introduce, teach, and promote the field and practice of DMT, the services and programs of HC, and her popular Violence Prevention curriculum. She is represented on TV, in “ADTATalks”, in articles and films, and at conferences, workshops and trainings worldwide. She has supervised several DMT interns placed at HC over the years, and trained many volunteers.

Rena’s service to HC and the community is immeasurable and we appreciate her contributions both personally and professionally. Rena has garnered awards, recognition and laurels on which she can rest. HC staff and friends wish her all the best as she journeys the road to retirement.