Outreach Presentations Past

Fall 2016 Outreach Presentations, Workshops and In-Services
  • HC will be among the many exhibitors with materials and information at the Autism Resource Fair, Oct. 16, 2016, 1-5 pm at the Fitchburg Public Library. This event is free and open to the public. Child care will be provided.
  • Ann Wingate will be presenting at a staff training for Mobility Training and Independent Living Program this fall. She will introduce them to HC dmt services for individuals on the autism spectrum.
  • Rena Kornblum will present on HC services at a wellness event for adults with persistent mental illness on Sept. 29, 2016 at the Goodman Community Center. This event is sponsored by Friends of PACT WI and includes other local organizations that provide opportunities and support for this population.
  • Rena Kornblum will also present on HC services for Comprehensive Community Support facilitators at their September Brown Bag lunch on Sept. 26, 2016. HC therapists are partner providers with CCS.
  • Staff and Board members will attend this year's Madison Non-Profit Day conference on Oct. 13, 2016.

Summer 2016 Outreach Presentations, Workshops and In-Services

Yoga training specifically for teachers run by Breathe for Change-a new non-profit organization providing wellness through Yoga and mindfulness. The training is designed to help school teachers learn how to care for themselves so that they can better handle the stress of their jobs and better help their students. Our mutual interest in embodied health has grown into a school-based collaboration of teaching wellness.

Winter/Spring 2016 Outreach Presentations, Workshops and In-Services

  • On February 14 Hancock Center hosted  'Empowerment through Movement & Song', a special Valentine's Day Event in conjunction with the One Billion Rising movement's Valentine's Day flash mob dance. The dance is based on the "Break the Chain" song to rise and end sexual violence. A group of local women consumers met at Hancock Center to learn the dance and integrate its themes of power and self-worth through dance/movement therapy approaches. The event was facilitated by Hancock dance therapist, Ann Wingate, and Dianne Brakarsh of Moving from Within. The group then joined the public VDay Flash Mob Dance downtown, raising awareness of violence against women worldwide through joyful, spirited dance!
  • In April Robyn Lending Halsten led an experiential workshop for Chrysalis personnel at the Hancock Center. This was a group of adult workers with developmental differences.
  • Jeanine Kiss and Robyn Lending Halsten together facilitated an experiential workshop at Hancock Center for a group of Verona Area High School students with special needs. This was a therapeutic class in socialization, connection, and positive movement possibilities.
  • Zonta Club Monthly meeting, April: Introducing Hancock Center: who we are and what we do (Rena)
  • UW-Psych Dept graduate students: introduction of field of Dance/Movement Therapy and the concept of embodied work. Teach a few relf-regulation techniques usable in their counselling work. (Rena; 2 classes) (April)
  • Girl Talk TV
  • Undergraduate Social Work students at George Willams Bay College (WI). Introduction to DMT work with different populations of children. (Jeanine) (April)
  • NAMI- UW campus club

Fall/Winter 2015 Outreach Presentations, Workshops and In-Services

  • Rena Kornblum presented " Dance/Movement Therapists and Schools In Collaboration A Multi-Cultural, Embodied Approach To Violence Prevention" at the 50th Annual Conference of the American Dance Therapy Association, "Reflecting, Reaching, Moving Forward" in San Diego, CA, October 22-25, 2015. Learn More>>
  • China

Summer 2015 Outreach Presentations, Workshops and In-Services

  • Forty teachers and aides from Creative Learning Pre-School visited Hancock Center for a day-long training from Rena Kornblum. She taught them how to use movement in every day routines to help with transitions, self-regulation, and spatial awareness in their work with classrooms of children.
  • Rena provided a one hour training to staff teachers and aides who work with pre-schoolers and school-age children in summertime at the Discovery Center in Madison. She taught them how to work on self-regulation, anger management, spatial awareness, group trust and cohesion to help kids handle big feelings.

Winter and Spring 2014/2015 Outreach Presentations, Workshops and In-Services

  • Jeanine Kiss led an experiential workshop, "Learning and DMT" for staff of Lincoln and Midvale public schools in Madison as part of their professional development day. She led them through the activities of the movement-based curriculum of HC's In-School Violence Prevention and Therapy program, and discussed the meaning and value of the program components.
  • Ann Wingate and Dianne Brakarsh gave their "Empowerment through Movement and Song" workshop for two therapy groups of teens at Canopy Center. Clients learned the song and dance and explored their personal connections to its power.
  • For Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Ann and Dianne gave the same workshop tailored for women at the Hancock Center. They also lled the flash-mob dance at a SAAM event at our State Capitol. In this latter event, Ann coordinated teen volunteers to participate in conjunction with Global Youth Services Day.
  • Jeanine and Ann gave a one time only class at HC for teens with developmental disabilities from Verona high School. The class provided movement experiences, positive group connectedness, fun, and self-expression.
  • Mariah taught a section for Rena Kornblum's UW-Madison DMT class. She presented on DMT and the work of Marian Chace.
  • Ann facilitated a creative movement group using DMT approaches with teens of the Breaking Barriers program to handle spatial issues and energy modulation as they prepared for their movement performance in STRUT, a collaborative arts parade.
    She worked along with other local community centers and arts organizations.
  • Grace held an introductory session at HC of her newly developed therapy group for older women, "Discoveries", for any one interested in joining the group.

Fall 2014 Outreach Presentations, Workshops and In-Services

  • Rena Kornblum gave a short introductory presentation of DMT and the Violence Prevention curriculum to the UW-Madison Cross College Advising Service, a group of UW faculty advisors, so that these advisors would possibly refer students to HC as either clients or volunteers.
  • Grace Valentine led two experiential workshops on safety and boundaries with reference to one's body and its surrounding space for groups of women residents and staff at ARC on Dayton St., and on Emil St. ARC is a residential support program for women coming out of prison.
  • Grace Valentine and music therapist, Roseanna Cyr, led an experiential introduction to their Empowerment and Creative Expression group at the Wellness Workshop of the Dane County Timebank.
  • Rena Kornblum gave a presentation on her work and the Violence Prevention curriculum, "Disarming the Playground" to adults and general public interested in adolescent mental health at the Attic Angels Place in Middleton, WI. This program addresses the Attic Angels Association's annual focus on adolescent mental health. Rena discussed effective techniques for diffusing potentially volatile situations.
  • Five HC therapists presented four workshops at the 30th Annual Midwest Conference on Child Sexual Abuse in Madison, WI:
    • Robyn Lending Halsten and Mariah Meyer LeFeber presented "Creating Calm in the Chaos: parts 1 & 2".
    • Ann Wingate led with Dianne Brakarsh two experiential workshops on One Billion Rising's flash-mob dance and song "Break the Chain" to engage and explore personal power connected to the dance.
    • Rena Kornblum and Jeanine Kiss presented "Stop Bullying Now".
  • Three HC therapists presented three workshops at the ADTA National Conference in Chicago, IL.
    • Robyn Lending Halsten, along with DMT Susan Cahill of Chicago, presented "Reigning in the Therapist's Projections: Cultivating the Compassionate".
    • Mariah Meyer LeFeber, along with UW-Madison Dance Dept. instructor Kate Corby, presented on their UW Dance Department program, "Performing Ourselves: empowering girls and fostering resilience through DMT".
    • Rena Kornblum presented "A Multicultural Embodied Approach to Violence Prevention".
  • Rena Kornblum presented "Move into Social Emotional Health", an introduction to DMT and embodied work, to students and faculty of the UW-Madison School of Education.
  • Ann Wingate provided "Movement & Memories" a DMT workshop experiential for active senior residents and staff at Oakwood Village, Prairie Ridge.
  • Rena Kornblum presented on DMT as a career to college students of the UW-Madison Kinesiology Club.