In-School Therapy & Education

Building Connection through Movement

Hancock Center's Building Connection through Movement program at Nuestro Mundo elementary school in Madison, WI incorporates guided dance and movement experiences in classrooms, supporting children to create internal connections to their experiences and feelings in order to develop healthy connections with those around them. This program enhances and supports positive community in the classroom and school, making for stronger learning environments. The program uses dance/movement therapy approaches, based on the four elements of dance (space, time, force, and flow) to:

  • Increase regulation of intense emotions and high energy through awareness and modulation
  • Promote spatial awareness to increase awareness of one’s own use of space and respect for others’ spatial needs
  • Teach calming skills and positive self-talk
  • Promote focused attention and mindfulness
  • Practice healthy assertion and other relationship skills


The Hancock Center's In-School Building Connection through Movement program is entirely funded by a grant from American Dance Movement Foundation™.

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