A Daylong Workshop for Women

A Daylong Workshop for Women

Saturday, January 18, 2014

9am – 4pm (with one hour break for lunch).


Join us for a day of personal discovery exploring what makes you feel more alive.

Who are you as revealed by your voice and movement qualities? What is the music that speaks to you? What do you like to do that involves movement? What kind of everyday sound do you gravitate towards or away from? Do you enjoy walking or dancing or playing some sport? At this workshop we shall explore a few activities and exercises that can further deepen our understanding and appreciation of ourselves. We shall discuss how these preferences affect who we are in various areas of our lives. Finding the space we like to inhabit and what is pleasing to our ears and our bodies in motion may open discoveries for the future.

Although we are music and dance therapy professionals, this is not a therapy session. We hope that your awareness of some of these areas will enhance your lives and stimulate you to further explorations.

Facilitated by:
Music therapist RoseAnna P. Cyr, MA, MT-BC and
Dance/Movement Therapist Grace Valentine, MA, BC-DMT, DTRL, LPC

Please register by January 10. We shall confirm your registration by January 14.