Workshops, in-services, trainings, and presentations in coordination with other agencies and conference organizations. Outreach services are provided to professionals, students and the general public. In addition, Hancock Center provides consultations, movement assessments, inservices and training workshops.

Our staff is available to do groups at off-site facilities. Please call us if you are interested (608) 251-0908, or email info@hancockcenter.net.

Call or email for a Hancock Center brochure or program flyers. Sliding fee scale available.

Library and video viewing available during office hours by appointment.

Current scheduled off-site programs by contract in other agencies:

  • Movement therapy group at Raymond Road group home for adults with disabilities.
  • In-School Therapy and Violence Prevention in local elementary and middle schools Learn More>>

Scheduled workshop presentations by HC therapists:

  • On January 16, 2014 Jeanine Kiss and Robyn Lending Halsten gave a one and one half hour training to the UW students of the undergraduate program "Performing Ourselves" through the UW-Madison Dance Dept., taught by Kate Corby and Mariah Meyer LeFeber, and funded by a grant from the Ira & Ineva Reilly Baldwin Wisconsin Idea Endowment. Jeanine and Robyn will guide the students in their work with teens of Girls, Inc. of local community centers. They will teach aspects of group dynamics and interventions, providing support for the social and therapeutic issues that arise. Jeanine and Robyn provide this training to the class twice yearly.
  • On January 24, 2013 Rena Kornblum and Grace Valentine participated in the UW-Madison Dance Dept.'s Friday Lunch Forum on Dance/Movement Therapy. The 150 attendees were largely UW students and faculty. These forums are open to the public and free.
  • On February 6, 2014 Ann Wingate will partner with Dianne Brakarsh of Moving From Within to provide a one and one half hour movement experience to teens at East High School, in Madison, who are in the Dane County Rape Crisis Center's Imagine community education project there. She will teach the students the 1 Billion Rising's Break the Chain dance to promote empowerment of their bodies and of dancing together. There will be time for the students to process the power, assertion and other feelings they may experience in the dance. This is a collaboration with Rape Crisis Center of Dane County.
  • On February 13, Rena Kornblum will be participating in a panel on-line event, "Body Intelligence Summit" discussing dance/movement therapy. The summit offers dialogue with 20 experts in bodymind science.
  • In February Deborah Thomas is teaching three classes on movement as part of the PLATO series at the Capitol Lakes Retirement Center.  The first was titled "Movement Communication and Meaning"; the second was on the origins of modern dance; and the last is on the history and nature of DMT. This series is open to residents and members of PLATO. See more on Programs at Capitol Lakes.
  • On March 18, 2014 Ann Wingate will partner with Dianne Brakarsh again to present "Empowerment through Movement", a one and one half hour workshop for teens and those who support teens, at The 2014 Wisconsin Summit on Healthy Teen Relationships in Baraboo, WI. The workshop will be followed by instruction for and a performance of the Break the Chain flash mob dance open to all conference participants.

Hancock Center's 30th Anniversary Celebration -October 3, 2013- was lovely, thank you everyone!! Learn More>>

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