Hancock Center Empowerment Through Movement

FREE introductory session to
-Thursday, Feb. 6, 2014

Dance/movement therapist Grace Valentine will introduce the format and some examples of experiential activities of this therapy group for women. No prior movement experience necessary. Open to any woman.

Please RSVP (608) 251-0908 or info@hancockcenter.net.
Registration for the 8 week group is not required to attend this introductory session.

Explorations-Dance/Movement Therapy Group for Women

Find the excitement: doing the dance of life in a new way!
Discover your movement qualities and how they shape what you do. Develop your authenticity and power. In this group we shall explore the strengths that you have and how they can create new paths of growth.

Our ways of moving are so important because they reflect how we think and feel.  Being able to call on the greatest variety of qualities of movement gives us the most choices. Can we move with strength and assertion when appropriate?  Can we express tenderness and compassion when needed? How do we heal issues from the past that stop us from trying new possibilities? The focus of each session may be: self-esteem, body image, patterns in relationships, playfulness, stress reduction or healing from painful experiences.

Each meeting begins with a check-in followed by a gentle movement warm-up, then we explore experientially the theme of the evening.  A session focusing on stress reduction would include movements that help clear away present tension, and find techniques of relaxing the mind and muscles backed by imagery and soothing music. It would end with discussion and reviewing the movement qualities that help sustain a sense of body calm after the session.  A session dealing with boundaries and relationships would have us approaching and retreating in a role play.  It might lead to further exploration of past or present relationships. In what we do we are mindful of the sensation and feelings in our bodies and develop that kind of body wisdom.

We are using everyday movements to make our "explorations".  Please join us

No prior movement or music experience necessary. Open to any woman. Contact us for more info or to register.

$35 per week for 8 weeks.
Location: Hancock Center for Dance/Movement Therapy, 16 North Hancock St., downtown Madison. (608)251-0908.  info@hancockcenter.net.

Free Introduction February 6, 2014 (see sidebar, this page).

2014 dates:

  • Thursdays, 6:30-8 p.m.
  • 8 weeks: 2/13 - 4/10 (no group 3/20)
Commitment to the entire group (8 sessions) is expected. Billed monthly. Sliding fee scale available. Timebank hours offered.

Call 608.251.0908 or email info@hancockcenter.net to register for the introduction or the group, or for more information.

We look forward to seeing you.

Facilitator: Grace Valentine, MA, BC-DMT, DTRL, LPC