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Disarming the Playground

Violence Prevention Through Movement & Pro-Social Skills

Books and Training Videos by Rena Kornblum

Disarming the PlaygroundViolence Prevention through Movement is a comprehensive curriculum that utilizes the body and mind as equal partners in developing the skills necessary for creating a safe world. A two-book set, complemented by two training videos, teaches protective and proactive behaviors tailored for aggressors, targets, and witnesses of aggression.

The Book Set includes an Activity Book with step by step directions for all movement activities as well as discussion topics, pictorial handouts, effective sequencing of lessons, charts to measure progress, suggested props and parent letters that describe each of the main concepts. The Training Manual reviews the theoretical framework that supports the Violence Prevention through Movement Curriculum and offers teaching strategies to help you use the Activity Book successfully.

The Training DVDs supplement the book set, allowing the viewer to observe children actually engaged in the curriculum. There are two videos, each approximately two hours long, each covering about half of the curriculum. Training Video One includes: Spatial Awareness, Self Control & Stress Management, Awareness of and Response to Tense or Dangerous Situations, and Strategies for Dealing with Conflict and Aggression. Training Video Two includes: Developing Empathy, Anger Management, Use of Props to augment the Curriculum, and Decreasing Prejudice, Violence, and the Use of Weapons.

Moving Towards Peace is a video that provides an overview of the curriculum with teacher and student comments in the background. It is good for introducing the curriculum to staff at in-services, staff meetings, funding meetings, etc. The video is fifteen minutes long and briefly introduces the viewer to each unit of the curriculum.


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