Hancock Center Board of Directors

VISION STATEMENT: Hancock Center for Dance/Movement Therapy will be at the forefront of transforming society toward greater health and resiliency.

MISSION STATEMENT: Hancock Center for Dance/Movement Therapy improves the lives of others by providing body-centered, movement-based psychotherapy, education and outreach. We fulfill our mission by supporting the healthy potential of individuals of diverse ages, abilities and needs to enhance their lives. We are committed to serving the under-served and those who might not have access to or the ability to pay for therapy.

Board Member

Hancock Center has benefited from a wonderful, diverse board of directors who have helped us in innumerable ways. If you want to know more about Board member opportunities, please contact Paul Manning at (608) 251-0908. A Board application form is available upon request.

Position Summary: The Board of Directors shall advise Hancock Center on the management of its affairs, business and property. The Board has fiduciary oversight of the Center. The Board meets approximately 4 times per year, with committee meetings as needed

Qualifications: Experience or expressed interest in dance/movement therapy or other related fields. Experience serving on a Board of Directors or working in other leadership/managerial positions preferred. Ability to attend regular meetings.


  • Act as advisors in the direction of the organization.
  • Plan the future goals of the organization on the basis of the mission, objectives and values of the organization in accordance with the policies.
  • Serve as a public advocate for the mission and activities of the organization
  • Assume fiduciary responsibility of Hancock Center.
  • Serve a minimum two-year term.
  • Regularly attend board meetings and important related meetings.
  • Actively participate on at least one committee set up by the Board.
  • Stay informed about board matters, prepare themselves well for meetings, and review and comment on minutes and reports.
  • Participate in fund raising activities and contribute to the organization.