2016 Volunteers

Hannah Abbott

Jayme Agranat


Allison Barth

Alyssa Bear

Kate Bednarke

Haley Braun

Whitney Bush

Sharon Chaiklin

Elizabeth Chapman

Kathyrn Converse

Whitney Cook

McKenna Dallmann

Laurin Dodge

Hannah Dorshorst

William Doty

Genevieve Dunn

Sophie Eldred

Katie Fischer

Heather Good

Lacey Grant

Bob Green

Bradley Hagelberger

Brandon Herrmann

Emily Hicks

Emily Higgins

Janetta Hill

Alan Irgang

Dequan Jones

Jasper Kaye

Alicia Kenneke

Jade Koenigs

John Krieg

Ching Lin

Jing Liu

Alissa Locicero

Alexandria Lovedale

Jocelyn Marks

Hannah Meddaugh

Carol Murphy

Molly Neubaier

Geraldine Paredes Vasquez

Rebecca Parmentier

Cheyenne Pooler

Julia Porter

Hannah Sabourin

Olivia Schachtel

Courtney Schmidt

Robin Schnitzler

Carly Schraa

Sara Schwab

Xinxu (Karen) Shen

Jenna Sherman

Breanna Taylor

Deborah Thomas

Amy Thomas

Mary Thurrell

Bridid Transon

Makayla Tuomi

Denisse Ugalde Torrijos

Grace Valentine

Maly Vang

Tia Vegemast

Jacqueline Villacrez

Liz Willer

Bo Yan


Thanks to the support of generous donors and volunteers in our community, Hancock Center is able to provide therapy services for anyone who needs them, regardless of their ability to pay. Hancock Center for Dance/Movement Therapy is incorporated as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, and donations are tax-deductible as provided by law.

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